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It all started in a workshop that we had to organize with my 2nd year nursing colleagues... We had to imagine an object that could be worn by the whole group, our trademark!!


A necklace, a necklace more precisely, to be put on easily and quickly... So I created my first prototype (pink teddy bear), and then a version for the men (blue teddy bear). They were so successful that I thought I could make gifts for my friends and create unique pieces, as each person is unique.


From this came the idea of creating jewelry where each piece is unique and will not be reproduced. So that the person carrying it can highlight what makes her unique. A certificate of authenticity will be issued at the time of your purchase.


Catherine LAMY - KTIE Creative Artist


Ktie brand created by Cathy (artist and designer), was born in 2017 from a crazy idea: to do good...

After a long career in television advertising, communication, printing and events, she decided to return to school at the age of 38 to fulfill her childhood dream of being a nurse in an operating room.


In the course of these studies, a lack is felt, that of expressing its creative artist side... It was during a group work in the 2nd year of study that she created necklaces for her team, then she made them for the birthday of her closest friends.

After the encouragement of several relatives who had expressed their admiration for the unique pieces created, she set out. That’s how Ktie was born!


Cathy : It’s true that in the hospital environment you have extraordinary encounters with patients and colleagues, but it’s not glamorous all the time and therefore creation does me the greatest good. To be natural, to be oneself, to do it when one feels it and to put in this creation what one feels, is to be authentic, it is to be unique.”

Ktie, by her creative artist, represents authenticity, simplicity, but also glamour, sexy, chic, all with a hint of mischief.



The birth of a necklace...

An idea, a color, an emotion, a photo, an image, everything is a source of creation.



Then the pencils on the paper form all these ideas...

In order to design unique pieces, an almost permanent reinterpretation is necessary. You have to grasp the age of time, you have to twist the codes, the icons, rehabilitate them, even if it means sometimes shaking conformism.

All artistic creations have a chic and irreverent hint in order to allow the person to reinvent himself every day and according to his desires.


A good dose of second degree and pop culture are present, as well as pieces promoting memories of a bygone past.

We must constantly renew and evolve with the person of today, to anticipate his expectations, his desires, but also his fears, his doubts, everything that makes him vulnerable, but which also makes him his strength and his beauty.

With each artistic creation and with each collection, it is necessary to succeed in surprising, by imagining more and more daring pieces.



And here is my accomplice for the shooting... I present to you "Flo" who is the star model of the creative house Ktie.

A creative house also has to have its star model... For lack of means one must have imagination and be inventive... hence the precious help of Flo, accomplice and discreet taking the pose in all times and in all circumstances.

Having an exclusive room is a privilege for a creative house... ours will have the advantage of not getting a wrinkle or a kilo !!


Flo is a "model who does not speak", she is ravishing, divine, not conventional, so she has an exclusive contract with our creative house.

What one looks for above all in a mannequin is that it knows how to forget itself in order to sublime the creation that it carries. The disarming natural result must be the projection that in fact the woman who wishes to obtain this unique creation, this unique jewel.

A singular personality, free from codes, is what corresponds to our creative house.


The unique piece you have just acquired to a story, an anecdote most often, when it was created. This is what makes this jewel all the more precious and exclusive, specific to your personality, your sensitivity and your sensuality.

Jewellery is par excellence a precious antidote to escape the gloom.


Creation is the art of expressing one’s emotions in such a way as to tell a story and pass it on to others.

Emotions are a reflection of our soul and our sensitivity.



Shapes, colors; choices to make among all these materials and materials...

Natural materials, Gem stones, modern and ancient pendants from local and international artisans and artists (India, Afghanistan, China, Turkmenistan, Morocco, Tunisia... ).


The beads used are chosen with the utmost care. They represent materials such as Austrian crystal, cinnabar, clay, glass, lampwork, different metals (aluminum, silver, brass), shells, different woods...

Play with the transparency of a piece, or on the contrary take a matte... Having fun with brilliance is the roundness of one pearl, then contrasting it with another with angular and dull shapes to highlight the first.

It’s all these choices that will make your jumper look like no other.



The unique artistic creation presented will be sent in a box...

... a box in which your unique jewel will be carefully packed, you will find your certificate of authenticity describing all the pieces that make up your jewelry and its name and number.

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